"I take laser tag incredibly seriously. I am an extremely competitive person - most likely a little over the top at times, but that's just who I am."


Richard Harmon

Laser Tag 101


Laser Tag was first marketed as a toy by Milton Bradley in 1979 to accompany the release of their Star Trek toys. Designed to mimic the futuristic blasters and phasers seen in Star Wars and Star Trek, they provided a painless way to score hits against your opponents, unlike the more physically painful paintball option.


Laser Tag has come a long way since then, coming out of the dark dingy indoor mazes, to take advantage of the natural surroundings in the outside world. Outdoor Laser Tag is now more life-like, almost seeming like a live version of world famous First Person Shooter (FPS) games such as Counterstrike or HALO.



How it works is really simple, you have a gun shaped transmitter that shoots out an infrared beam (bullet, if you will). This signal is sensed up by a receiver that is placed on a vest or head sensor array on another player, and this indicates a “hit”.


Every shot that is sensed is counted as a hit and counts to your overall score. Each shot will also decrease your “life” or “health” on the gun itself. Once that has been depleted you are out of the game until you head back to your “base” to re-spawn or regenerate, depending on the mission.


The person (or team) that has eliminated the highest number of people, wins. Of course this depends on the mission that you are playing. Here at BATTLESTRIKE we have a variety of missions ranging from the simple to extremely complex multi-objective missions. You’ll never be bored.


We look forward to hosting your next exciting Laser Tag Battle!


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