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Frequently Asked Questions


What is BATTLESTRIKE about?


We are an events company that organises outdoor laser tag. We like to promote laser tag as a healthy sport that gets people to come out and play in the sun.


Why should I play laser tag?

How can you not?! Because it's awesome! BATTLESTRIKE laser tag bonds people together and promotes comradery.


How does laser tag work?

Laser Tag is similar to paintball, without the PAIN. It uses infrared (IR) beams (the same as your TV remote) that are emitted from the guns to hit targets on your opponents, located on their head sensors and guns. This is how you score a "HIT".


Is it safe?

Laser tag is as safe as it can get. There are no projectiles emitting from our guns and players will not get any hit or bruises while playing the game.


Is it legal?

Yes, laser tag is a completely legal activity. Our guns are also legally imported with permission from the Singapore Police Force.


What are your operating hours?

We start the earliest session at 10am and we start the last session at 9pm.


Where are you guys located?

We are mobile. Meaning anywhere you'd like (as long as we have permission).


Why is it so expensive?

A balloon sculptor or magician for a kid's party can easily set you back to $350 - $500. A friendly gathering for a dinner and a movie easily above $30. Clubbing for hen's night can cost up to $500 as well at the very least. 


So for a mere $30/kid or $33/adult for an AWESOME game of laser tag right at your doorstep (or wherever you choose) is definitely worth its weight in dollars.


Why are there so many packages?

To cater to our wide range of clients and age groups, BATTLESTRIKE covers every aspect of laser tag that you can think of.


What is the minimum age to play this?

The youngest player we've had so far is 7 years old. For younger kids, if they are able to handle the tagger, we do allow them to join in as well. However, parents are advised to accompany their child (younger than 7 years) while playing.


What is the minimum group size?

Yes! There's no point shooting alone or with just 2 people right? Unlike other packages in the market, you can book a session with a minimum of ONLY 6 pax using our Zeta Strike Package. Of course, if you have 10 pax or more, the price will reduce to match!


What are your payment modes?

We accept Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer for payment.


Why do I need to pay a deposit?

To ensure fairness and availability to all our clients, resources can only be allocated to confirmed deals.


Do you charge GST?

No we do not, as we are not GST registered.


Is there a delivery fee?

There is no delivery fee, BATTLESTRIKE will deliver the equipment free of charge to the location requested.


What happens if it rains?

BATTLESTRIKE is commited to deliver. If it does rain, we will suspend the game if the rain is heavy and/or there is lightning and wait until the condition is favourable to play again. Thunderstorms in Singapore typically last 15-30 minutes.


Do you do catering?

Yes, catering/lunch/dinner arrangment can be made with our recommended vendors. We also provide chilled drinks.


Can I choose my missions?

Yes! We have 11 awesome missions to choose from to suit your skill and excitement level.


When is the best time to play laser tag?

Anytime that suits your requirement and when it's not raining cats and dogs.


How long do I need to confirm my booking?

We do need client to confirm their booking at least 3 days in advance. We may have to release your slot to another potential client who is willing to confirm the booking first.

Game Play

Where do I aim?

There are five sensors for you to aim at. 4 on the headset and 1 on the tagger itself. All the sensors are accompanied by LED lights so just aim for the lights!


How do I know if I get shot?

Our guns provide vibration and sound feedback, and the Health Meter on the gun decreases to give you a quick indication of your remaining health.


How do I know if I shot my opponent?

Same thing as how your tagger responds when being shot! Your opponent's tagger will flash when they get shot too! At the end of the game, you will be able to see the number of 'KILLS' and 'DEATHS' you incurred during the game.


Is it tiring?

You bet! But hey, this is supposed to be one of our selling points for laser tag! Shoot those fats away!


Are the guns heavy?

Each tagger weighs around 900grams which even a 7 year old can handle. Even after adding the scopes, the tagger still weighs 1.1kg. How awesome is that?


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