Awesome to T.H.E. max!

Players love us. Not just because we are fun, committed and provide a fuss free laser tag experience. We stick to our fundamental T.H.E. principles when we started BATTLESTRIKE in 2014. These principles enables us to stay true to the spirit of providing laser tag as a healthy sport. 


Currently the most versatile laser tag equipment in the market; BATTLESTRIKE is powered by the BATTLE RIFLE PRO from The Battle Company. Our equipment allows players to play laser tag wirelessly with in-built Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities. Shotgun? Sniper rifle? Heavy machine gun? You name it, we have it! We constantly upgrade our equipment firmware for better features and stability. 


We care for your health. Yes, seriously we do. In this digital era where Singaporeans have little or no time to exercise, BATTLESTRIKE is here to help out. Our self developed missions allow players to get the required amount of exercise they need within hours. With the adrenaline pumping excitement, you can keep fit while having fun with your colleagues and friends.

The most important factor of any team bonding event. Even with the most sophisticated equipment, experience still matters to us and to you. 

We emphasise the importance of every session to our staff. From the turnout of our staff, the aesthetics of our equipment display, the serviceability of our equipment, the integrity of our mission rules, the list goes on and on...

We mean it when we say your experiences matters.



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